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Connor's school had a small program to show the parents how art is being used in the classrooms. The school had an "artist-in-residence" for a week. She was a professional dance instructor and worked with the K-5, 1st and 2nd grade classes. Each class learned basic, interpretive-style dance movements related to a theme. Connor's second-grade class' theme was a coral reef, and they made movements such as opening up, bubbles rising, fish swimming around, to interpret and demonstate life in a coral reef. The kids seemed to have fun with it; Connor certainly did as he is such a little ham.

There was a steel drum band from the middle school performing as people arrived. The school's recorder class played a couple of selections as well. Several walls in the lobby were decorated with artwork made by students. Connor had a self-portrait that was hung in a window next to the main door.

I tried to take these photographs without using the flash to see how well low light photography would work. I used my 50mm, f1.8 lens as it is the only one that I have right now that can be used in such low light conditions. I also had the ISO set to 800 which is about as high was I'm comfortable setting it for now. All-in-all I'm pleased with the exposures I managed to get, but still need to work on compositions. Of course it didn't help that I was sitting behind someone wearing hat. I also didn't do any post-processing to these. All of the photographs are straight from the camera.