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Created 9-Nov-14
Modified 9-Nov-14
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We had a nice drive around through the SC upstate along SC Highway 11. The colors seemed to be very close to peak although some trees in the area have lost most of their leaves. Still, most of the trees still had a lot of their foliage remaining.

Our first stop was Campbell's Covered Bridge. I suspected that it would be a poplar place this time of year. There were quite a few families visiting it while we were there. A few of them were getting formal portraits made my professional photographers. It was sometimes hard to get good angles of the bridge because the photo sessions had claimed the better angles and locations. I think I was able to get most of the shots that I wanted though.

The second stop was at the Poinsett Bridge. There were fewer people at this location which is good because there is even less parking access. A nice sidewalk and rail have been build on the side of the road near the bridge. The creek around the bridge has also been cleaned up some. The last time I visited the Poinsett Bridge, there were a couple of fallen trees in the creek near the bridge. Those are gone now. For this visit, I tried to get some angles that I had not tried before. The funny thing is that I also got almost the same photograph of the bridge as I got in 2008. Although, back then I used a wider lens than I did this time.

Finally, we stopped by the lake at Furman University. Time kept use from walking all the way around the lake, but there were still some nice views from the bell tower.

All in all it was a good day.