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Created 11-Apr-10
Modified 11-Apr-10
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The Hollywild Anilmal Park held a Photography Day event. Participants got access to areas of the park not open to regular visitors. We got to get close to Tank, their rhino who has been featured in various commercials and shows. The park has is part of a breeding program for Caucasian Turs, which are an Ibex-like animal. The San Diego Zoo is the only other facility in the US with these particular animals, and they are not on public display at Hollywild. We also got to roam around the "Safari" area on our own to photograph the deer, zebra, bison, emus, watusis, and cattle there. The event was held in conjunction with the Spartan Photo Center who also had a Nikon representative available to load out cameras and lenses. I did try out one of the lenses I've been wanting, but was able to refrain from trying out any of the REALLY expensive exotic lenses.
Tank the RhinoGet the PointsLlamaZebra's LunchStripesHerd on the RocksProud WatusiDeerLlamaCaucasian TursBaby Caucasian TursSkyAfrican Grey ParrotSpread WingsYellow Naped Amazon Parrot"Pretty Bird"Scarlet Macaw