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Created 29-Nov-09
Modified 29-Nov-09
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I recently learned about the Spartanburg Area Concervancy (SPACE) organization. It is a local organization that promotes natural conservation in the Spartanburg area. They have several properties which are open to the public with nature/hiking trails. The largest of them is the Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve which the home of the Cottonwood Trail.

We spent a couple of hours walking the trail one Saturday afternoon. The trail is not very far from downtown Spartanburg. One of it's access area is at Spartanburg High School. It is about 135 acres of natural land on the banks of Lawson's Fork Creek. A surprising feature on the nature preserve is a marsh. There are also beaver dams that visitors can see along the trails in the wetland area of the preserve.

It is a nice area to walk and seems to be fairly popular as there were a couple dozen people on the trails at the same time we were there. These photographs are really just snapshots as I went just to get an idea of what the trail was like. We definitely plan on going back.
Lawson's Fork CreekLawson's Fork CreekEldar SeedsBeaver DamMarshRed Leaves in a MarshWetlands Trail BoardwalkMaple Leaf