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The USA Pro Cycling Road Race Championship was held in Greenville, SC on Sept. 2, 2007. This was the first professional bicycle race that I had gotten to watch live.

We decided to watch the race from Cleveland Park in Greenville, since the race was scheduled to pass through it up to ten times. So, I thought I would get quite a few opportunities to practice sports photography with my new D80. I was right.

We got to the park about an hour and a half early to scout out good locations. We decided on an area where the cyclists would be coming around a curve through an arch of crepe myrtles, then head through a hairpin turn and finally over a small bridge. There were several vantage points that one could watch the race from here.

We stayed for five of the ten laps, and I took photographs from five different locations. It was a lot of fun, I just wish the photographs had turned out a bit better. This was my first sports event with the new camera, so I think all-in-all I did ok.

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