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Created 21-Aug-17
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This is a selection of photographs I took during the totality phase of the solar eclipse in the United States on August 21, 2017. I was in Greer, South Carolina during the eclipse.

Most of the images are variations of the solar corona taken at different shutter speeds to get details in various levels of the corona. One image is the sun prior to the start of the eclipse. I took it to test my focus, and exposure settings, but felt it helped provided some context of before and during the eclipse.

There are various interesting features if you look closely enough. The base sun image has a couple of areas of sunspots. There are a couple of solar prominences on the right side of the eclipse disk. One protrudes quite a visibly on the lower right side.
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Progression

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Wonderful, pictures, Craig, thanks so always, you get the shots!
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