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Created 23-Aug-08
Modified 23-Aug-08
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On Saturday, August 23, 2008, I participated in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk. This event included over 200 cities around the world and drew close to 8,000 photographers. The event was held to commemorate the publication of Scott Kelby's new book for Adobe's Lightroom 2. The photowalk that I attended was held in Greenville and was hosted by local photographer Al Keiser. Mr. Keiser has a studio gallery in the River Place complex which fronts the Reedy River at Reedy River Falls Park. I have a couple of galleries here on the site from previous trips to this area.

The photowalk consisted of 50 photographers who broke up into smaller groups and walked around the Falls Park, Main Street and West End areas. After the photowalk, we all met at a local restaurant and looked at each other's photographs. It was a lot of fun and I hope there are more local area photowalks in the future.
High CottonWyche Pavilion and ResidentsThe CornerPhotowalk GatheringReedy River Fly-byThe LeaderHampton Inn PlazaFountain FallsLooking Down River PlaceCity BirdsArt Under the BridgeRick Forest, MuralistFirst Citizens Bank CopulaHuguenot Mill Window DetailHuguenot Mill WidowPeace Center OfficesIn a Galaxy Far, Far Away ...River PlaceOld Greenville County CourthouseCourthouse Detail