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Created 14-Sep-08
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Hub-Bub is an art and cultural organization in Spartanburg. They have a showroom/gallery, a performance stage and also have an artist-in-residence program. Some of the musicians associated with Hub-Bub have formed a group that meets in Morgan Square every second-Saturday of the month. Hub-City Jams encourages people to come down and join in and they have a "grab-bag" of basic instruments (kazoos, maracas, castanettes, drums, recorders, whistles, etc.) that people can borrow to join in the fun.

Christine, Connor and I went spent some time listening to them and had a good time. Connor tried out some of the instruments in the grab bag. His favorite was one that looked like a wood frog which "croaked" as you stoked it's ridged back with a small stick.

I found about about Hub-Bub and the Jam earlier this week when I went to the Spartanburg Blogger Meet-up earlier in the week. I plan to keep an eye on the events they have, so don't be surprised to see more photographs from them here.
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