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A few of us from Connor's Cub Scout pack went to the living history reenactment at Muskgrove Mill near Clinton, South Carolina. Muskgrove Mill was the location of a small American Revolutionary War battle between American Patriots and American Tory loyalists. The mill was an important strategic location for grinding grains for food supplies as well as fording the river. An outnumbered detactment of American Patriots were able to lure the British forces into a trap. Ironically, both sides ended up retreating from the battlefiled. The British retreated due to the lose of their commander and heavy casualties, and the American Patriots retreated when they were informed of the recent American defeat at Camden. The Patriots believed the British would send reinforcements from Camden, prompting their own, albeit victorious, retreat. Those reenforcements were never sent. The Battle of Musgrove Mill was part of the campaign that ultimately led to the battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens which forced General Cornwallis' army to Yorktown, Virginia where he surrended to General George Washington.

Muskgrove Mill is a South Carolina State Park. It is fairly new with a small visitor's center near the battlefield. The battfield itself is located on the otherside of the river. There is a new trail that follows the path the British forces took up the ridge to confront the American Patriot forces. However, it is not accessible from the Visitor's Center at this time. Visitors have to travel to the other side of the river to reach the trailhead which also passes by Horseshoe Falls, and the old mill site. There are plans to build a foot bridge over the river to connect the Visitors' Center to the battlefield site. The park service is awaiting funding for it.

We had very nice weather during the visit. It was cloudy most of the day, which kept the temperature down. Although it was still hot during the hike to the battlefield, most of the trail was through woodlands. The trail is about a 1 mile loop up, over and around a steep ridge and river valley.

For more information visit the park's website:
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