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Created 5-Jul-08
Modified 6-Jul-08
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I spent some time photographing our globe using my makeshift softbox. This was an experiment to test out the lighting quality on a round, textured surface. I like the light the softbox puts out. Notice how the textures are clearer in the black & white versions than they are in the color versions.

This was also an experiment in composition. Sort of an attempt to show how close various places on Earth appear from orbit. Granted I can't get to orbit myself, but having a globe, a camera and a light is the next best thing.
Rocky MountainsNevada (B&W)Nevada (Color)Barrow (B&W)Barrow (Color)Bering Straight (B&W)Bering Straight (Color)Appalachian Sunset (B&W)Appalachian Sunset (Color)India (B&W)India (Color)Downunder (B&W)Downunder (Color)Coral Sea (B&W)Coral Sea (Color)International Date Line (B&W)International Date Line (Color)Drake Passage (B&W)Drake Passage (Color)Bolivia (B&W)