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Created 14-May-08
Modified 14-May-08
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I went to Croft State Natural Area after dropping Connor off at school in the morning. I was hoping to get there for the good morning light, but missed it by about an hour. Both the school and the park don't open until 7:00 am, so there was no way to get there for the "Golden Hour". Still there was morning fog coming off of the lake and dew on the leaves. The sky was an ugly overcast though. Bad light, very contrasty in the open. Still, taking photographs is better than not taking photographs.

I was at the boat dock to Lake Craig. A handful of fishermen went out in their small boats. One of the boats settled in near where I was shooting. By that time the sun was fully up and I called it morning.

Not very many photographs this time.
Lake Craig Dock and Boat HouseCoveMorning on Lake CraigMorning on Lake Craig (black and white)Dew and textureBench on Lake CraigFishing LineTraps