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Created 21-Feb-08
Modified 21-Feb-08
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Pictures from the Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 20, 2008. Taken from the southeastern US. The first set of pictures shows a wide frame progression of the eclipse. The second set of frames is a progression of enlargements from the first set. The final three pictures are wide angles for the lens I used that contain the nearby stars as well as the eclipse.

It was a fun evening. The weather was slightly cool, but the clouds that had been in the sky at dusk cleared out by the time the eclipse started. I'm not sure if I'm particuarly happy with the shots I got, but I did enjoy the experience. That is the most important thing, I suppose.
Full MoonThe Beginning of the Lunar EclipseEclipse 2Eclipse 3Eclipse 4Eclipse 5Eclipse 6Eclipse 7Eclipse 8Start of TotalityTotality 2Deep TotalityEnd of TotalityFull Moon (Enlarged)The Beginning of the Eclipse (Enlarged)Eclipse 2 (Enlarged)Eclipse 3 (Enlarged)Eclipse 4 (Enlarged)Eclipse 5 ( Enlarged)Eclipse 6 (Enlarged)