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Created 1-Sep-08
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We went to the USA Cycling Professional Road Race Championship in Greenville again this year. As it happened, we were able to set up in the same place that we were at last year in Cleveland Park. Having playground equipment nearby is very nice when the mountain laps take an hour and you have a young child with you.

This year I had more than one lens to choose from and also decided to try my hand at some motion blur and panning techniques. I think some of those turned out to be interesting. However, some of my favorite shots were taken with the longer zoom. It allowed me to get get much "closer" to the riders than I could last year.

The race was a photofinish that came down to a difference of two-thousandths of a second between first and second place. The winner was Tyler Hamilton (#121) of Boulder, Colorado who almost retired at the end of last year.

All in all it was a fun, if hot, day out with the family.

The gallery from last year is at this link.
Lap 1: Start of the RaceLap 1: The Easy PartLap 2: Leaders take the TurnLap 2: Into the turn.Lap 2: Team TurningLap 2: Looking through the turn.Lap 2: Group TurnLap 3: Through a Straight-away.Lap 3: Drink Time.Lap 4: Highway Patrol CruiserLap 4:  Convoy MotorcycleLap 4:  Highway Patrol Convoy MotorcycleLap 4: Leader PackLap 4: Chase GroupLap 3: Highway Patrol MotorcycleLap 4: Red RiderLap 4: How Many?Lap 4:  Zoom!Lap 4:  FastLap 4: Zip! Goes the Peleton