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Created 2-Mar-09
Modified 2-Mar-09
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We had a once in a decade snow storm last night. I estimate we got 5 to 6 inches total. Schools were cancelled by 7:00 pm due to how much snow had already fallen and stuck to the roads.

All of these photographs were taken at night. The first nine were shot around dinner time with a high ISO setting, which accounts for the large amounts of noise in them. The last six were taken on a tripod at 9:00 pm long after the sun had gone down. There is a parking lot near our neighborhood, and the sodium vapor lights spill over lighting up the night. When it snows, those lights kind of give everything a "natural" sepia tone. It is very odd lighting, and I wanted to see if I could capture it. I processed three images two different ways. The first is generally how it looked with the sodium vapor lights. The second version is color corrected to remove the sepia color cast. I found it interesting how the same image looks different depending on the color of the ambient light.
Snow ShowerCold BudBeing FollowedMy BushesFrozen BudsDown the drivewaySpring RobinHome. Warm, Cozy Home.Forgotten PecanSnow Lit by Sodium Vapor 1Color Corrected Snow 1Snow Lit by Sodium Vapor 2Color Corrected Snow 2Snow Lit by Sodium Vapor 3Color Corrected Snow 3