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Created 8-Nov-08
Modified 8-Nov-08
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Christine, Connor and I took a drive down US Highway 11 to take in the Autumn colors. Along the way we stopped at the Poinsett Heritage Preserve to view the old Poinsett Bridge. The bridge was built in 1820 and is considered the oldest surviving bridge in South Carolina. I used the opportunity to try a high dynamic range (HDR) image which is several shots of the same subject taken with varying exposure values. I then used a special software application to blend those photographs together for an image with a greater dynamic range than can usually be captured with a camera. The first image in this gallery is the HDR image. The second is a similar photograph of the bridge taken and processed as I normally would. I like both, but for different reasons. I do plan to continue working with the HDR technique.

We also drove up to Caesar's Head State Park again. There were so many people there that they were parking along the highway. I got what I think is one of my best portraits of Connor while we were there.

I also played around with some motion blur images on the drive back down the mountain. It is a lot of fun to take these abstract style photographs.
Poinsett Bridge - HDRThe Poinsett BridgeTaking Mommy's PhotographPoinsett Bridge WallPoinsett Bridge Wall #2Poinsett Bridge ArchAutumn KalidescopeFrom Caesar's HeadHouse in AutumnHouse in the Mountains.Connor on Caesar's HeadConnorRed ArchForest "Fire"Around the Curve"Fire" DancerThrough the Forest