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Created 28-Oct-07
Modified 29-Oct-07
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On October, 27, 2007, my parent, my son, and I traveled north from Asheville, NC to Linville Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the same route my wife, son and I traveled in July. It was interesting to see how the area had changed during the seasons.

The morning started out overcast and foggy with some light drizzle as a front climbed over the mountains. The front cleared out while we were eatting lunch at the restaurant on Mt. Mitchell. We had bright, clear skies the rest of the day with just enough clouds to bring some interest to the skies.

We had a good time and I hope that my photographs managed to capture the vistas of the Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Note: I haven't added any captions to the photographs yet. I will add them as I have time.
Morning CloudsFirst ColorsThe View ...Tourists crossing the roadTourists picnicingColor HaloParkway ColorIn the ValleyFrom the carAhead of the carFrom the car againTree at Mt. MitchellClouds cresting Mt. MitchellRock on Mt. Mitchell