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Created 3-May-08
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Every year Spartanburg has a spring festival in the downtown district called, appropriately, Spring Fling. It is always held on the first weekend in May. This is the first year that I've actually gone to it. It was a lot of fun. Saw a lot of interesting things, met some great people, and had fun pointing my camera at stuff. This was also the 30th year of the festival so they had birthday stuff for it like drawings, a huge cake, etc.

Spring Fling is part art festival, part kids festival, part restaurant festival, part car show, part community festival, and part carnival. There were artist areas, An antique car show, booths for local organizations, food, rides, contests, live music and other performances. All in all it was fun. A lot of people came out and nearly four square blocks of the downtown distrist were closed-off for the festival. They estimated about 75,000 people visited last year, so I'd say it was likely close to that again.

The weather was a bit of a concern. It was threatening rain most of the afternoon, and was windy. One of the artist's tents got blown over and they had to pack everything up. The rain held off though and the wind kept the temperatures comfortable even if it did get gusty.

I spent a bit of time with Native American musician John J. Fry and his wife Jeanne Bradley. John plays a variety of instruments including the Native American flute. His wife is a pianist and painter. They sell Native American artwork (paintings, jewelry, etc.) as well as John's albums. They were both very friendly and quite talented. You can visit their website at: I picked up a copy of John's Red Roads CD and recommend it to anyone with an interest an Native American art and music.
DancersDancers' FeetKickin' KidsKickin' Kids 2Arts AreaA Potter's HandsJohn Fry, Native American FlutistA Flutist's HandsOn the DidjeriduGetting 'DuedJohn FryI've been 'Dued!The Mayfield Dairy Mascot"There he is!  Blast him!""Look, Sir.  A cow!""Get that camera out of my face!"Giving Orders"He's worth a lot to me alive"Big CrowdAntique Ford