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Created 19-Apr-08
Modified 19-Apr-08
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Greenville, South Carolina has an annual arts festival called Artisphere. I went down there this year to walk around, see some of the artists, take some photographs and have a good time. The artists present worked in a variety of styles such as pastels, woodworking, pottery, photography, fabrics, oil painting, metal working, jewelry, mixed media, digital media, and more. There were venues for band performances, performance artists roamed the street, and there were even panels and classes put on by master artisans at the nearby South Carolina Governor's School of the Arts.

It was a light rain when I got to the festival area, but as soon as I got out of my car the sun started to come out. I took lots of photographs, but out of respect for the artists, I am not going to display any of the photos I took of their artwork as I didn't take notes and can't give proper attribution.
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