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Created 29-Apr-08
Modified 29-Apr-08
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I spent the afternoon at Cleveland Park and Hatcher Gardens in Spartanburg. I was frustrated with the shots I was getting at Cleveland park. Plus, just as I was leaving I spotted a raptor that had landed a distance away. I was able to get a couple of blurry shots of it as it took off as you will see. The camera just wasn't set to capture quick movement like that at that moment.

Hatcher Gardens went a bit better. I spotted a butterfly and was able to get a bunch of shots I liked of it. Plus, the wind had calmed down by then and I was able to get some flower and plant shots I liked.
Stretch!White Flower ThingsTree TopPinkBlurry Raptor 1Blurry Raptor 2Log Planter at Hatcher GardensRushing WaterWater Under the BridgeMore WhiteButterfly ProfileButterfly WingsGrounded ButterflyBroad LeafIris?  Lilly?Big MushroomsJapanese Maple