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Created 22-Oct-08
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Connor is in Cub Scouts and the Fitness Club at school. This week, his Cub Scout den learned how to fold the flag, how to attach it to the flag pole line, and how to raise/lower it properly. The sun had set by the time that we got there, but I decided to practice some flash photography. There was really only one photograph I liked. That's what practice is for though, to practice and learn.

The next day, Connor's Fitness Club from school participated in the YMCA's Red Ribbon Fun Run. Several local elementary schools participated in the event. The Red Ribbon program is the local city and county police departments' anti-drug and alcohol education program. The event was held at the track facility at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind. The kids were separated into groups by grades, and they did three track and field activities. There was a sprint, and long distance run, and a long jump. Connor's group ran a 400m, which was one lap around the track, a 100 yard dash, and the long jump. All of the kids got a red ribbon for participating in the event.
Folding the FlagWoodland Heights Elementary School's Fitness Club400m - 3rd Grade Boys at the Starting LineGame Faces400m - 3rd Grade Boys' Winner400m - Connor FinishingSitting Down400m - 4th Grade Boys' Start400m - Special Athelete100yd Dash - 3rd Grade GirlsLong JumpersConnor's Approach Run