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Created 18-Apr-08
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On Friday, April 18, 2008, I visited the Mobile Vietnam Memorial Wall that was on exhibit at the University of South Carolina - Upstate campus in Spartanburg. It is a replica of the permanent Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. The Mobile Wall visits towns across the nation to allow those who have not been able to visit the permanent memorial a chance to remember those lost in the Vietnam War. It is also called The Wall That Heals as it gives veterans and civilians from the period a chance to think about that tulmultous period through the looking glass of time. A museum trailer has displays from the conflict with many items from soldiers of the time. The trailer also provides a directory so that loved ones can find the inscriptions of those they lost. There was also a display of some military vehicles from the Vietnam War including several trucks, jeeps, an ambulance and a utility vehicle.

There were various ceremonies and small events that occurred during the Wall's visit to Spartanburg. I only spent about an hour there, so I was not able to see any of the ceremonies or panel discussions. However, there were quite a few people also visiting the wall. Several appeared to be veterans themselves. Many family members searched for relatives' inscriptions. There were some service men and women as well.

My visit was quiet and solemn. It helped me put things into a bit perspective. I hope that these photographs convey some part of the solemness and emotions which were visibly present. Please forgive any of my technical errors, like not checking my ISO setting and shooting the entire visit at ISO 800 even though it was full, sunshine.
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