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Created 22-Mar-09
Modified 22-Mar-09
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A former co-worker is the organizer of a charity run for her church's youth ministry. It is held on one of the weekends close to St. Patrick's Day. I wasn't able to make it last year, so I promised myself that I would go this year to take photographs for them. These are some of the photographs from the race. I took nearly 800 images during the day, and processed just over 200 of them. I didn't up load all of the photographs to this gallery simply because I didn't want to overload my account. However, I made a disc of all of the processed race images for the church to use for their promotion.

The race is held at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I had been wanting to go to Furman to photograph the sunrise or sunset over it's lake with it's signature clock tower. I was able to get myself up early enough to spend about 20 minutes photgraphing the clock tower at twilight just before the sun started to rise. Two of those particular photographs are included here as well. I like them, although I didn't have the time to get the particular images I had in mind. Since my wife is a Furman graduate, I'm sure I can convince her to go on a family outting there in the future.
Tower in TwilightTwilight on the LakeAll in a rowTrophiesBack of the PackAll readyThe runnerOn your marks!Shamrock TrophiesLynnShamrock SpiritMary-Beth and the MascotThe startSecond stepsRacers 1Racers 2Racers 3Across the fieldSign of EncouragementThe winner