Craig A. Lee: Blog en-us (C) Craig A. Lee (Craig A. Lee) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Craig A. Lee: Blog 120 90 Falls Park, 2009Falls Park, 2009An HDR image of Falls Park and the Liberty Bridge in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. , which is the tourism organization for Greenville, South Carolina, recently selected a couple of my photographs for use in their 2015 Visitor's Guide.  The 2015 Visitor's Guide should be available by the middle of this month (March 2015).  I haven't seen it yet, but there should be a couple more photographs of mine in the guide.


The above photograph is one of those that they picked.  It was also just added to their website.  At the time of this post it was in the images that cycle through the top of their main web page.


I'll post the other images once I've seen them either in the guide or on the website.



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2014 Favorites Here is the collection of my favorite photographs from 2014.

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Fall, 2012 Blue Ridge Colors

We had great plans for the fall colors this year.  Unfortunately, we started making the plans really late.  Then other priorities intruded and we only got to spend one weekend up in the mountains this year.  Above is one of the photographs from that weekend at the beginning of the colors.  We still had a good time though.


I have also been working on a series of articles with suggestions and explanations regarding purchasing a camera.  The first two parts are up and available over at The F/stop Spot run by photographer Steve Paxton.  Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2.  The first article includes general types to keep in mind when buying a camera.  The second article provides definitions to some of the terms that confuse new camera buyers the most.  Finally, the third article will discuss the differences between the general types of cameras available today and some of their advantages and compromises.  At least it will once I've finished writing it?  So hop on over there and give them a read if you want.  Steve has a nice little place for photographers of all types.


Note:  I typed this up at lunch on my iPad.  So, please forgive the mistakes.  I'll fix them when I get home tonight and have a keyboard.

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Falls Park, 2009 Revisited Falls Park, 2009Falls Park, 2009

Recently, a local webzine start-up in the Greenville, SC area asked me if they could use this photograph of mine for their Facebook cover image.  I agreed and you can see it on their Facebook page over at Centsibility - Upstate.


This image was originally taken in the fall of 2009.  At the time I was just staring to work with high dynamic range, or HDR, imaging.  While I liked it at the time, there were always aspects of it that bugged me.  The issue which perturbed me the most were all of the ghosted images of the people on the bridge and on the left bank.  Also, the image as a whole turned out a bit more saturated than I usually prefer, and it has a slight blue cast which you can see in the waterfalls.


When Centsibility contacted me about using the image, I was in the process of getting a stylus-based digitizing tablet.  There have also been a couple of software changes and upgrades since 2009.  Put all of those changes together with seeing this old image again and it felt like a good time to reprocess it.  My intention was that reprocessing it would give me a chance to try some of the new software updates, maybe approach it with some better processing techniques, and give me a small project on which to introduce the digitizing tablet into my workflow.  Below is the result:


Falls Park, 2009 version 2Falls Park, 2009 version 2


I would say that is quite a change.  The color cast is mostly gone thanks to a better white balance.  The ghosts on the bridge have been taken care of for the most part by the new HDR software's anti-ghosting features.  The people on the left bank are just ... gone.  Those people still had severe ghosting after the new HDR processing.  The man looked like conjoined twins and the woman with him was just a gray outline which did odd things to the woman and child behind her.  To correct these problems, I opened the new image into Photoshop CS6, selected the aberrant ghosts (which the new digitizing tablet made really easy), and used the Content Aware Fill feature on the selections.  Bam!  The ghosts disappeared.  The Content Aware Fill replaced them with leaves and rocks and grass from similar areas.  At this size it is hard to tell they were even there.  If you zoom in really close, you can tell something happened there, but not precisely what.  The color saturation is something that is a matter of taste.  The saturation in the original version was mainly due to the original HDR processing which I could have toned down at the time if I had thought about it.  However, the new HDR software has more stylisitic options than my old software did back then.  I could have made the new version more saturated.  Indeed, I was able to get really close to the old look with just a few tweaks.  Finally, it seems that I must have cropped the original version a bit as there is less grass in the foreground than in the new version.


For a quickie 10 to 15 minute reprocessing exercise, I think I can call it a success.   Which version you like really comes down to taste.  I think the new version might be a better "photograph" as it is more representative of how the eye would have experience the scene at the time.  The first one works as a more graphic-style image since the saturation removes it from reality a bit.


I still don't like the sky very much.  There are halos around the trees, and the highlights removes all color in certain areas in the sky.  I think most of those issues are due to me not being as diligent when taking the original set of photographs as I should have been at the time.  Guess that I will just have to go back some time and try again.   Also, I might have made it too dark this time around.


More later ...

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Water (Abstract) Water (Abstract)Water (Abstract)

When I am out with my camera, I am always looking for subjects that might make interesting abstracts or images to play with afterwards.  Water is wonderful for this sort of thing because it is always changing.  The image above was from the last set that I took at the park.  In it's original form it was kind of bland and brown, but i liked the texture and pattern of the water ripples.


All of the colors that you see in this image were present in the water.  The colors were simply over powered by the silt in the water and river bottom.  I used Lightroom 4's Luminance tool to boost selected areas were I saw colors.  Chiefly the blues on the left side of the picture and the reds in center to right of the image.  The blues are reflections of the sky in the water.  The reddish tones are portions of the color range of the sediments in the water and creek bottom.  I also really pushed the blacks to emphasis the texture.  To finish it I used the Glamour Glow filter in Nik's Color Efex Pro 4.


Normally, I try to keep colors in a more natural range.  However, sometimes it is fun just to play around just to see what you might get.

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River Falls Park River Falls Park, Duncan, SC


We finally had a free weekend afternoon with good weather and decided to try out a couple of local parks that we had not visited before.  The first park we visited is a large baseball complex with a dozen fields and associated facilities.  Not exactly a place to go rest for an afternoon.  Thus we decided to visit River Falls Park which is just a few miles away from the baseball park.


River Falls Park is a small park with picnic tables and benches near the library branch in Duncan, South Carolina.  I have always meant to go by there, but it kept slipping my mind until this weekend.  It crosses over a small river which passes through an industrial area.  However, the park itself is sheltered from those facilities with quite a bit of tree cover.  It is a nice little park situated in the river channel and embankment.  It is a bit difficult to get in a good location to photograph the small rapids and the footbridge.  At least it was on this first visit.  I didn't have any waterproof boots with me, so I didn't want to wade into the creek.  Plus, the sun was going down in the upstream direction which makes the exposure a bit tricky to photograph in that direction.  It would probably be better for that earlier in the day.  However, this was really only a scouting trip and a chance to get out with the family, so I was traveling fairly light.  Just the camera, a lens, and the tripod.


I think it might be a good place for fall colors in a few weeks.  Hope to get back there to find out.

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Sleepy Head Sleepy HeadSleepy Head


It has been a such a long, hot summer that we just haven't felt like getting out much.  Plus, I don't have vacation time built up with my new job yet further limiting our photo opportunities.


We did go down to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC back at the beginning of June.  It was something that my son had wanted to do for his birthday.  At the time I didn't really think that I had taken any photographs that I would like.  I was more focused on enjoying the day with my son than the photography.  Middle of the day.  Harsh light.  All of the things that make for bad photographs were present.  However, I looked over the photos again this past weekend and found a few that stood out to me this time around.


Funny how time helps you see things differently.


This one of the sleepy koala is my favorite.  I feel just like that this time of year.


Keep shooting.

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New web address! Morning Dew


I had been thinking about getting my own domain name for awhile now.  Well yesterday I went ahead and bought one.  The new address is:


The old address will still work.  This new address will just make it easier to tell people were to go to see my photographs.  The site is still Zenfolio.  It just has my domain for its' address instead of .zenfolio.


Next step ... a logo and business cards!

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Moving to Zenfolio's blog service


Welcome to my new blog.

I am going to start using the blog service here on Zenfolio.  The old blog was over on Blogger at 4P Photoblog and I let it go for a long time with no posts.  We had a good run there, but I think it is time to move on.  Having the blog over here on Zenfolio allows me to keep my galleries and blog under one service provider.  The combination feels more integrated to me and makes it easier to link my photographs in a post.  It also provides for browser scaling, so that the photographs will fit your browser window better.  If you have a big screen, you will get the photographs in a bigger resolution and size.  If you have a smaller screen, it should scale them down better for you.

We'll see how it goes.

Have a seat and enjoy the biscuits.


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